CXO Cockpit for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management:
web-based and mobile dashboard reporting solution for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management which can be implemented in combination with the Sustainability Reporting Starter Kit (SRSK) application.


Shorten reporting cycles
CXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite delivers value to Hyperion customers by providing key users with web-based dashboards and mobile information via an iPad, iPhone or Android device. The CXO-Cockpits reduces the cost and length of the reporting cycle and makes the process less error prone in comparison to native Hyperion Reporting tools such as Excel/Smart View and Hyperion Reports.

Fast implementation
Within 1 week CXO-Cockpit is capable of turning your Excel-based reporting process into a dynamic web-based and mobile reporting platform. You can maintain all your dashboards and reports, including our Mobile output, via the same central maintenance software without lengthy and expensive BI or IT projects. The ready available reporting templates facilitate CSR KPI reporting and trend analysis.